Transporting your car to Sitka, Alaska (99835) is a big decision. At CalCruising we can make the auto transportation process simple, fast, and comfortable. By using our Car Shipping CalCulator above, you will receive estimates from most local vehicle transportation companies. The CalCulator not only does the work of researching the cheapest car shipping options available, it’s absolutely FREE! No Obligation.

Sitka is the fourth most populated city in Alaska and has an economy mostly concentrated in the seafood industry. Moving is an important decision in your life and we know that you want a safe, affordable and smart option for shipping your vehicle. CalCruising has established professional connections through it’s ten years of auto transport history and we can guarantee you the cheapest vehicle shipping options.


While Alaska is the largest state in the United States, it is also the least densely populated. Over half of the states residents live in the area within and surrounding the city of Anchorage. In 1867, Alaska was purchased by the United States from the Russians for just north of 7 million dollars. Alaska is the larger than the 22 smallest US states, and is also the same size as its 3 largest states (Texas, California, Montana) combined!


CalCruising specializes in auto transport throughout the USA. We continue to work with many cities within Alaska, so here is a list of others. If you don’t see your city, do not worry, we offer transportation to more locations then we have listed. Please feel free to contact us in order to assure service to your destination.

– Juneau (99801)
– Anchorage (99504)
– Nome (99762)
– Fairbanks (99709)
– Ketchikan (99901)

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