If you need to ship your automobile to or from Port St. Lucie, FL (34984) check out our Car Transportation CalCulator above. The form is a quick, and free way to find out what companies are going to charge for your specific transportation needs. The best part is that there’s no obligation to any of the companies. We know it’s important to budget your move and transporting your vehicle is just another factor that you would like to save money, time, and stress on. This saves you time from having to call and research multiple companies that you hope have experience in auto transportation. We have professional connections throughout the United States that will compete for your business and ship your car safely and efficiently.

CalCruising has ten years of experience of working with auto transportation companies and we have established connections in Port St. Lucie, Fl (34984) that will guarantee you the cheapest way to ship your car. We have compiled resources for your car shipping needs and have an auto transportation blog where you will find many questions answered. Vehicle transportation has never been simpler, because with CalCruising you have a passive influence over so many proactive companies that will email and contact you about shipping your automobile, that you can be assured to find the best choice for you.


Shipping your car to cities or military bases in Florida is easy with CalCruising’s system. We have many connections and are not limited to the cities listed. Feel free to contact us about any of your auto transport needs.

– Orlando Vehicle Transport (32822)
– Ft. Lauderdale Car Shipping (33311)
– Miami Car Transport (33114)
– Tampa Vehicle Shipping Rates (33633)
– Pensacola Car Shipping (32514)
– Jacksonville Auto Transport Rates (32207)
– St. Petersburg Auto Shipping (33706)
– Hialeah Vehicle Transport (33014)
– Tallahassee Car Shipping Rates (32311)
– Cape Coral Car Transport (33909)

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