If you plan on making a move or just temporarily relocating, you might be able to make use of an auto shipping company. Shipping companies offer a variety of options for picking up and delivering your vehicle to the destination of your choice, and in a time frame that is compatible with your requirements. Explaining your needs to the company will help them to make sure they give you exactly what you need and prevent any misunderstandings about the services they can provide in your situation.

One of the most important things you will have to decide on when choosing your shipper is the type of pick up delivery you need. The most convenient for the customer is usually door-to-door pick-up. This is where they company will come directly to your house to get your vehicle, and begin the journey to the new location as soon as they have it loaded on the truck. Customers who will need their car as soon as it reaches their destination will often choose this option. For people moving to an unfamiliar town, or who will have to report to work immediately upon arrival, will appreciate the speed and convenience of this option, as they will not have to try to find where the car has been dropped off in order to complete the transaction and drive off in their vehicle.

Terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery is another option, though this one may be better suited to people who are familiar with the area they are shipping their car to, or will have someone in the area who knows where to take the customer to get their car. When using terminal-to-terminal shipping, you will take your car to the company’s shipping depot or departure point for loading, and retrieve your car from the depot, or a storage lot, once it is delivered.

These are both great options for the domestic shipper, but what if you are shipping to another country? Then port-to-port will be the service for you. When using this type of shipping, you’ll take your car to the nearest port of call where it will be loaded into a container for the journey on either a ship, which is the most common form of port-to-port shipping, or on a cargo plane, which is less common, and will probably cost more.

Once your car gets to port, it will be unloaded from the container and inspected. Do not forget to make sure you have done the correct paperwork, to avoid having your car held in customs or any other delays.

Sometimes, people want to start a new chapter in their life, for either work or personal reasons. Choosing the right pick-up and delivery option for your situation will make your transition go as smoothly as possible.