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While looking for auto transport quotes online, you will invariably end up having to choose what kind of carrier truck you would like to haul your vehicle. More so than any other decision you will make while shopping for the best car shipping services, selecting whether you want your vehicle in an enclosed or open truck is the most substantial choice you will make while relocating a car, truck, SUV, van, motorcycle, or other vehicle.

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Additionally, although the core service differences between open-air and enclosed trucks is fairly obvious, there are a few points that many seem to overlook or completely disregard while in the market for an auto transport company that will fit both your hauling needs and your budget.

Open-Air Hauling

Relocating a vehicle via an open truck is the most used method of auto transport to date. The disparity between how many people have their cars shipped via these double-decker cargo trucks and enclosed shipment carriers is because closed carriers are generally more than one and a half times (1.5 x) the cost of a car with an open truck.

Since there are so many open-air haulers moving vehicles throughout the country, finding a carrier who will fit your schedule will be much easier than if you decide to go with enclosed car shipping services.

Nevertheless, there is a small collection of disadvantages for open automobile transportation service that you should know about. By not having your vehicle covered through the relocation process, it can be subjected to extreme weather and environments that could damage paint jobs, soft-top convertibles, or any other sensitive piece on the exterior. That is very rare, mind you, but the possibility is there. It is much more likely if your vehicle is on the bottom rack of the double-decker hauler that the auto above yours might leak oil onto yours.

Enclosed Car Transportation

As the name of the service implies, enclosed car shipping carrier trucks place their auto shipments into the back of a closed-off cargo area. This type of carrier provides the ultimate in vehicle safety since not only will the auto be physically guarded from harsh weather and pesky birds, but thieves and vandals won’t even be able to look at your vehicle. In many cases, the enclosed car hauler will have very few markings on his or her truck, which makes the delivery of your vehicle that much safer and more discreet.

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