When owners attempt to ship classic and/or luxury vehicles, they should go through more precautions than those who may just be shipping something like a daily commuter or work truck. That being the case, the choice between enclosed and open truck shipping services has already been, for all intents and purposes, made due to the nature of the vehicle itself when considering antique auto transport providers. With so much money having been invested into the purchasing and upkeep of the classic or luxury car, enclosed vehicle shipping services should be the number one thing on the car owner’s mind when looking up car hauling quotes.

Likewise, when looking to hire a carrier for luxury or antique auto transport services, the driver and company should be informed as early as possible in the hauling process. This is preferably done in a notes section available in the services we help provide access to, and will ensure that the vehicle makes its hauled trip in a substantially safer way.

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The reason this makes such a difference, especially in the case of classic and antique autos, is because so few of them have completely originally-installed parts compared to newer cars. These aftermarket parts, which in this case includes those that may have been transferred from other same-model vehicles but installed by the owner him or herself, may possible be damaged during the shipping process unless the driver can ensure that the vehicle’s exact specifications are suitable for his or her truck.

Similarly, during the inspection phases of both the pick-up and drop off of the antique or luxury vehicle, the owner should also ensure that any non-original parts are inspected as well as just the exterior. This will likely mean checking the engine compartment and underside of the auto itself. While this might seem time consuming, the owner would be at a significant loss if a vehicle arrived without any piece of it intact, whether it was used for running purposes or not. Especially since these valuable vehicles should have been shipped in enclosed truck containers, if something fell off during the hauling process, there is a relatively decent chance that the part would still be in the truck’s cargo hold. Either way, if something like that did happen during transporting a luxury or antique auto, the carrier company should be contacted immediately so the situation can be remedied accordingly.

When it comes to these kinds of vehicles, the owner can never be too careful, and that is especially true for the periods during hauling when the auto is out of their view or control. Luxury and antique car owners shouldn’t rush any part of their auto transporting service as any issues that may arise will be much easier to resolve if everything is documented properly in the Bill of Lading.

One last thing: Take before and after shipping photos just in case the rare event of damage does occur.

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