There are a number of reasons that people could be looking for auto moving quotes, but there are a handful of reoccurring motives for people to order car shipping services:

Moving for Work

Whether someone gets a promotion, a business relocates, or they have just been hired for a new job altogether, long distance moves are often due to employment opportunities. And, because of that, many people get auto transport quotes and order vehicle hauling services to help facilitate their move across the country to a new city.

Military Relocation

While it is technically a move for their job, when people receive new orders while serving in the military, there isn’t an option for the relocation. That being the case, the members of the armed forces are more likely to actually order car shipping services because their bases will often cover the entire cost of shipping the vehicle. Additionally, when service members cannot have the cost covered, car shipping companies will often provide a discount for the hauling.

The reason this is a separate section from “Moving for Work” is because of the forced nature of military relocations and how often moving has to take place for those serving in the military.

Car Shows

There are a number of reasons that people choose to get auto moving quotes and order the service when heading to a car show. One of the most significant is that they do not want the vehicle itself to get scratched, dinged or otherwise damaged while driving the vehicle themselves, which is why they also choose to go with the enclosed car hauling option.

Another primary reason that they choose to go with car shipping services is because they can make a grand entrance with their vehicle when it arrives to the car show. Having a hauler show up, open the gate and have the classic, antique or sports car roll out of the back is a pretty spectacular way to drum up attention to a vehicle, and there is nothing quite like having a bunch of car enthusiasts ogle a car upon its arrival.

Specialist Work

For classic, antique and high-end vehicles, sometimes a competent mechanic or auto body worker is a few counties (or states) away, and auto moving quotes and shipping services are sought out to get the auto to and from the specialist.

Buying a Car Online

Usually when someone buys a car online, they will also pay for the costs of auto shipping services. Depending on if the buyer is handling the purchase through a dealership or through a private seller will determine how the costs are paid. If the vehicle is bought through a dealer, it can be requested that the shipping costs be added to the total price of the vehicle, which helps makes the entire haul a lot easier. Through private sellers, though, buyers have to set up a pick-up time for the vehicle, pay through the shipping service and ensure the seller does a proper bill of lading so the vehicle arrives looking the way it was advertised online.

Selling a Car Online

Every once in a while, an online car seller will pay for the shipping costs for a vehicle if he or she is looking to sweeten the deal to make a sale. Likewise, if a car is located in a very out-of-the-way location and the only option for online sale is to use car shipping services, the seller will often have to absorb at least some of the costs since it would be too inconvenient for anyone to actually come and pick up the car on their own.