Door-to-Door and Terminal-to-Terminal Vehicle Shipping

Most people don’t realize it, but auto transport services come with quite a few choices that will have to be made before the vehicle is moved. This includes choosing the actual carrier you will be working with, whether you want an enclosed or open truck to haul the vehicle, and when you will be doing the actual shipping.
One of the more impactful choices you will make when locking in a car shipping quote that you received online is whether you want to have the vehicle picked up and delivered at your specific location or if you have the time and transportation to drop off and retrieve it at car shipping terminals.


The majority of car transport companies available to you will offer door-to-door vehicle shipping services. However, some apartment and condo structures, as well as various residential communities either cannot accommodate a large truck or will not allow them on the grounds. If you find yourself in that situation, though, you can still receive door-to-door car transport, you will just have to make some slight modifications to where the auto changes hands. In this scenario, you will have to communicate well with the carrier company and decide on a location where the truck can fit. One of the better places to do an exchange like that is at a local retail location or large park, wherever you can find a suitable parking lot.


Found in most metropolitan areas, terminals are primarily used by high-volume vehicle transport companies to allow for more efficient scheduling. Likewise, terminal-to-terminal auto hauling is normally cheaper than door-to-door service, so if you are looking for cheap car transporting, go with this choice. Terminal-based vehicle relocation will also allow you to drop off and pick up your vehicle on specific days, which will allow you to schedule the service with more flexibility.

Though it costs less and works around your calendar, the downside to terminal-to-terminal vehicle transport services is that you will have to find a way to get home after dropping it off and how to get to the terminal once the vehicle is available for you to pick up, which can be particularly difficult for single people moving to an area where they have yet to make any friends or contacts. Nonetheless, if you are looking to save money on moving an auto, this is the more affordable option when compared to door-to-door car hauling.

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