Does your auto transport company take their customer service responsibility seriously? If you’re doing business with a car shipping company that is serious about what they do and one that is serious about treating their customers right, then you can rest assured that they are going to want to keep in touch with you and put your mind at ease about the car shipping process. So what separates the best transport companies from the lower level companies in terms of customer service and customer participation?

The best auto transport companies will make the process as easy as possible from beginning to end for the customer by offering such things as an instant online rate quote as well as the ability to live chat with company representatives. The beauty of the online rate quote is that you can find out the cost of shipping your car before you ever have to actually get into contact with a company representative to find out if the cost is prohibitive or not for your budget. This is great for customers because it takes one step out of the process for them. Having the ability to live chat with your auto transport company means that you know that they are concerned about doing a good job for you and they want to be in touch and be able to ease your mind about any problems you might have along way. This is why it’s imperative to only do business with companies that are willing to offer you instant rate quotes as well as the ability to live chat with representatives within the company. If your shipping company isn’t taking you seriously as a customer then how can you safely assume that they’re taking good care of your car while they have it? The answer is that you cannot and you should only do business with companies that offer these two services.

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