Now that you have done your research, obtained numerous car shipping quotes, and selected the most appropriate car transport carrier, it is finally time to prepare for the move. Getting your vehicle ready to be loaded onto a transport carrier requires a little preparation to ensure it is loaded safely onto the vehicle and delivered to its new destination without damage.

The Fuel Tank

Whether you have selected door-to-door services, or terminal-to-terminal, it is highly recommended to leave no more than one quarter of a tank the gas in the vehicle, and no less than one eighth of a tank. Avoid filling the tank full, because it weighs more, and will cost the carrier more fuel to transport it. The driver will also have to pay more taxes at every weigh station. Never have the vehicle transported on an empty tank, because it will need to be running when loaded and unloaded on the truck several times before heading to its new location.

The Car Alarm

Because every make and model of vehicles differs in how their alarm systems work, the driver might not be savvy on the alarm of your particular vehicle. It is important to disable the alarm so it is not triggered by bumpy roads or start/stops. Continuous alarm sounds over the entire transport could possibly drain the juice from the battery, making it inoperable when it arrives at its final location.

Remove/Retract Detachable Items

Items that are detachable including car racks, external luggage racks, external spare tires, antennas and other external items need to be detached, retracted, or removed. Remember that some external detachable components of the vehicle may increase its size and take up additional space already reserved for other vehicles being transported.

Always Safety First

Although transporting your vehicle using a car shipping carrier is safe for the car or truck, you can take additional steps to ensure complete safety while your car is in transit so that it is delivered to its new destination without damage. It is essential to remove all items that have the ability to dislodge while in transit. Additionally, all personal belongings that have significant value and any exterior items that can pose any kind of challenge need to be secured or removed. Any increased risk of causing damage to your vehicle or other cars and trucks needs to be managed before it is picked up at home or delivered to the terminal.

By preparing your vehicle for auto transport with a quote from CalCruising, you can ensure it will arrive safely whether it is being shipped to California, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Chicago, Miami, or anywhere within the US.