Headlines for tomorrow will likely ring to the tune of “General Motors (or Government Motors) Emerges from Bankruptcy with a Historic IPO”. No matter your political affiliation or preference, there is no way around the fact that the legendary car maker General Motors Corporation (GM) is about to emerge from bankruptcy in what may prove to be the largest IPO in history. General Motors Corporation has a new look as a new company

What does this mean for you? In your day to day life, it likely means absolutely nothing, but considering the government has invested billions of dollars (before the IPO tomorrow, the US Government owns 61% of the company) and the IPO gives them a means to unwind their massive position for “fair market value”, it may have been a very good use of your tax dollars. After the offering, we-the-people will still own around 40% of the company and will gradually unwind the position over the coming year(s).

Was this intervention necessary? Virtually everyone has an opinion as to whether government involvement in General Motors was necessary or even morally right. When push comes to shove, the involvement was a) a profitable investment and b) backstopped thousands upon thousands of American jobs and c) upheld one of the most recognizable brands in our country’s great history.
What does all of this mean for you? General Motors will emerge from bankruptcy as a profitable company (with profit margins of 8-9% according to so, which is approximately 50% higher that Ford and double that of Toyota). This means that we will all continue to see GM brand cars driving around the road, new and revolutionary designs to keep up with competition and the global auto industry. It also means that you will be able to ship your GM car at competitive rates!

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