Seeing as this is the most common question for people looking for car shipping options, we felt it prudent to discuss how auto transport companies calculate the cost to ship a car.

We plan to follow up our high-level analysis of car shipping costs with an in-depth state to state and possibly city to city chart showing roughly what it would cost to transport a car between those locations. To start, through conversations with our partner auto transport companies in various cities, we estimate that it costs approximately 30 cents per mile. There may be other overhead and administrative costs such as insurance based on the value of the car being shipped, but using this cost per mile metric, you should expect it to cost around $900 to ship your car across the country in an open container. A closed container will cost a good bit more, usually with costs for a cross-country transport starting around $1400, but can be worth it if the car is being shipped to a buyer.

As always, be sure to consider the invaluable aspects of your car shipping decision, which is the reputation and customer service provided by your auto transporter. It is not always about getting the lowest car shipping rate possible. Remember to get multiple car shipping quotes and be sure to ship your car with a licensed and insured auto transport company.