Getting vehicle transport in Atlanta is easy. You just need to order a car shipping service online and the company will send an auto shipper to your address. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get your car shipped.

No Loose Items in the Car

Make sure there aren’t any loose, especially heavy, items inside your automobile. It’s your responsibility to remove any such items before shipping a car. Cost of damage would be huge if you fail to do this. If those items must stay inside, place them securely inside a briefcase and put it inside the trunk.

No Illicit Items in the Car

Things such as drugs, arms and ammunition, explosives, alcoholic beverages and other dangerous/prohibited goods are illegal to carry in a vehicle. Whether it is about vehicle transport in Atlanta or vehicle transport in Dallas, make sure you have removed these items from your automobile. You should inquire about the complete list of prohibited items from the auto shipper. Any eventual penalties arising from non-compliance will be automatically added to the auto transport rates.

The Vehicle Should be Operational

The vehicle shipping company will ask you to inform them in case the car is not functional. It is better to get the car repaired before the vehicle shipping starts. The crew might have to drive your car during the transportation so make sure that it is in running condition. Also, keep at least ¼ of the tank filled for this purpose. If you know beforehand that the car requires a tune-up, you should let the company know and they’ll add the additional charges to the auto transport rates.

Compliance with the Auto Shipper

It cannot be overstated that you must comply with the auto shipper as much as you can. This person knows best about the route and the entailing dangers, so you must listen to him/her. Moreover, things that can interfere with the transportation process, such as alarm systems etc., should be switched off/taken care of before shipping a car. Cost of the service should be inquired directly from the auto shipper.