Some of you may be wondering at this point what exactly we do at CalCruising, and quite frankly (and jokingly, of course) we often wonder the same thing! Well, we offer a few services to both the end user (you,the reader) and the complementary products to the insurance agents and auto transport providers that you see throughout our site. The object of the site is to provide easy access to a all types of insurance and vehicle shipping companies. We started with simple auto insurance and auto transport site, but given the cross-over of our agent sponsors into other types of insurance such as health insurance, home / property insurance, etc, we have chosen to complete local and state specific directories for all types of insurance.
We recently finished migrating our signup and registration workflow for our insurance sponsors to make it 50% few steps to be listed on our site, and we’ve also drastically improved the speed and volume with which our vehicle transport sponsors are able to process shipping quote requests, giving you, the visitor, more information in the timeliest of fashions! (read: more competition, faster response, lower prices!)
As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments on any of our products and services, and stay tuned for new and innovative features to help find the lowest insurance and car shipping prices from your local agents and transporters!