Short and sweet today, but I just wanted to clarify and correct something we said yesterday in the post about GM. The return on the $50-billion tax-payer dollars that were sunk into keeping GM afloat (how’s that for irony…) did not come out in the green, but a $9-billion loss based on the IPO price of $33 per share. Mind you, that is only on the shares that the US Government sold in the IPO. In order to break even, GM shares will need to increase around 45-50%. This is doable, assuming the “too big to fail” problems with GM are actually fixed (we have our doubts). Everyone can do their part by going out and buying a car made by GM, and have it shipped to you by one of our vehicle transport partners. Remember to compare multiple companies (even ones local to your city), but you can get all the quotes you need from our car shipping calculator so that you are sure you get the best value!