Your decision of cheap car transport or professional vehicle shipping has significant influence on the safe delivery of your car. At the same, your decisions and behaviors also influence this fact. A level of responsibility from your side and honesty with the company will reaffirm that the car will be delivery safely to the destination. There are few things thing that you must follow during the entire process of automobile transportation. Failure to do so may cause you significant material or financial damage.

These are the things that you should never hide from the shipper at the time of pickup:

Is There Anything inside the Car?

If you think that something is left in the car, do not hide it from the shipper. You may find it inconvenient to remove or want to deliver it to the destination along with the vehicle, but this can actually backfire on you. Vehicle shipping companies request to remove all items because they can collide with the car and cause damage. If the car incurs damage because of this collision, the company won’t be liable for it.

Is the Car in Operable Condition?

This is the question that the shipper usually asks at the time of pickup. It is very important that you identify it if you think there is some problem in the car. People often try to hide this fact, as it tends to increase the car transporters price. There is no use in hiding it as the driver will ultimately find out about it during the transport. All repair charges will be added to the final car transporters price.

Requires any Special Technique

If you think that the car requires any special technique to drive, you should let the shipper know about it. This will avoid any mishandling that may otherwise be inevitable in the absence of such information.

In the case of cheap car transport, the shipper won’t ask you about these things and you would have to take care of them by yourself.