There is no doubt that when people set out to hire car transport in Orlando, the first factor they consider is car shipping rates. No matter where they want to ship a car, cost is the most important parameter. To meet the demand, many new companies have showed up offering cheap vehicle shipping rates. But cheap car shipping rates can be really costly. Why? There are many reasons, but the following three are sufficient enough to convince you.

Cheap Means Lack of Trucks

Cheap car shipping rates are often offered by start-ups. These companies have a weak infrastructure and relatively fresh personnel. They have a small number of trucks which means that delays are inevitable at peak hours of service. Even worse are those that do not have their own trucks at all. These companies rely on others for shipping a car, cost of which is paid by them as a broker. This factor makes them highly unreliable.

Cheap Means No/Poor Customer Support

Most companies that offer cheap vehicle shipping rates do not have a customer support department. Such amateur companies have a limited crew and customer support is an unaffordable solution for them. No customer support means you will be completely disconnected with the delivery process. You can’t find out where your car is and your mind will always stay occupied with apprehension.

Cheap Means Thrifty Insurance Plans

Now this is about one of the most important, yet the most neglected, factors of automobile transportation; insurance. You must assure right from the outset that the automobile transportation company offers a good compensation for any damage incurred to the car during transport. Car transport in Orlando that offer cheap vehicle shipping rates often use meager insurance plans to save the money. Car insurance is the last thing that you should compromise over, particularly if you are considering about car transport in Orlando.