You must have been comparing distinguishing features of vehicle shipping in Chicago and auto shipping in Austin these days. It’s obvious from your thoughtful eyes that you are really concerned about your car safety and you will only the hire the best vehicle shipping company in your region. You are not among those people who get easily convinced with cheap car transport options. For you, what really matters is RELIABLE service. But how will you decide if a service is reliable or not, without using it?

Reliability is a buzzword in vehicle shipping industry and you will find almost every single company boasting for this feature. But there are a few ways you can identify it yourself.

Dedicated Fleet of Trucks

The most important indicator of reliability is perhaps having a dedicated fleet of trucks for car transport. Although it may sound quite obvious, not every company has its own fleet of trucks. Such companies either hire trucks from other vehicle shipping companies or entirely hand over the job to them. In the latter case, the company just acts as a broker. Having their own fleet of trucks speaks for their professional standing and adds to their reliability.

Advanced Equipment and Latest Techniques

Be it about auto shipping in Austin or vehicle shipping in Chicago, advanced equipment easily qualifies a company as a reliable service provider. Latest machinery and techniques help avoid a number of likely accidents or maneuvers that may cause damage to the vehicle. Proper techniques reduce the number of times the vehicle is unloaded and reloaded which again reduces the risk of vehicle damage. However, you won’t find these characteristics in cheap car transport services.