Are you in need of auto transport service? More and more people are finding that this type of service is necessary. This is particularly true with relocation for work or buying a car through an online auction site. As more and more people begin transporting their vehicles to distant locations, the need grows for understanding what goes into a car shipping estimate. You would never pay for repairs without a full explanation of what’s included, and you should never pay for shipping without knowing exactly what the company will provide.

Basic Transport

In most instances, your car shipping estimate will be based on just one thing – the transportation of your vehicle from one point to another. This rate will be based on mileage. The farther you have to ship it, the higher your rates will be. However, even short-distance shipping can cost a couple hundred dollars (most shippers have a minimum transport fee to ensure that even short hops offer at least some profit).

Storage for the Car

You’ll find that your car shipping estimate may also include storage fees. These are assessed for storing your vehicle both before shipping and after arrival at the destination hub. You can reduce these fees to some extent by picking your car up as soon as it arrives at the destination, but you can’t really cut out storage fees beforehand without increasing your costs due to expedited service. The longer the time your shipper has to get your vehicle to the destination, the lower your total costs will be, so bear this in mind.

Covered or Open

The type of transport you choose for your vehicle will have a profound effect on the car shipping estimate you are given by the company. For instance, if you choose a closed carrier, you’re going to pay much more than if you used an open carrier. However, enclosed carriers are often the best choice for high-end luxury and sports cars, as well as for antique vehicles because they offer the most protection possible. Open carriers are exposed to the elements, so do not make the best solution for cars that really need protection.

With the information above, you should be able to understand the car shipping estimate provided by the company. Remember – there are always options for reducing costs, and that estimate is not set in stone.