People are nuts over cars. Since the first days of the automobile, enthusiasts have been looking for ways to make their cars faster and better looking that when it drove off the factory floor, doing extensive customizations to build their perfect dream car.

Back in the 1930s and 40s people would build old Fords to race on dry lakebeds in California. These early cars were simple. Often, the only modifications to the cars were removing hoods and bumpers for weight reduction or swapping in a different motor.

By the 1950s, these cars would be full on custom jobs, with bodies being chopped and channeled, new interiors, spotlights, and wild custom paint jobs. The 60s brought psychedelic paint and loud FM stereos and 8-tracks, and the 70s had some of the fastest factory produced “muscle cars” Detroit had ever produced.

Emission concerns and gas shortages almost brought the days of the hot rod to an end in the 1980s though, and many older hot rods found their way into junkyards and recycling centers around the nation to await their ultimate fate.

These days, people want to recapture the glory and excitement of those early days of car culture, and are building or restoring cars saved from the junkyards, back alleys, and overgrown fields where they were abandoned all those years ago, and the Internet era has done much to put these people in contact with the cars they’ve been dreaming of.

People often look at online marketplaces and flea markets to find deals on just the right car or truck, and then have it shipped to their location. Some auto shippers are specially equipped to deal with the special requirements of custom cars, offering enclosed trailers and taking great care to deliver these unique and irreplaceable vehicles across country to their new homes.

They will also pick up old cars from junkyards to be delivered to people who want to build their own car, or restore a rare model to its showroom finish. These cars are usually hauled on an open trailer or flatbed, to save time and money, leaving more cash available for purchasing and installing custom components.

Auto transports and shippers will also sometimes remove older donor cars to be returned to junkyards for someone else to build or restore.

Building and driving a custom hot rod has been a popular hobby in America for nearly 80 years, and thanks to automobile transports and shipping services, will be a fun and rewarding hobby for years to come.