We understand that moving is already costly enough and would like to offer a few tips on saving money when transporting a car with an auto transport services that uses enclosed haulers. Especially since enclosed trucks are more often than not somewhat more costly than an open-air auto relocation service, even a small drop the price of the service can mean a big deal during a long move.

Early Action is in Your Best Interest

With the way that enclosed car transport companies work, scheduling the hauling service as early as possible is the best and most consistent way to save money on the process as a whole. By acting early, vehicle owners are helping auto hauling companies plan out how their upcoming months will pan out, which means that people who act early with making reservations allow these businesses to fill up their schedules (and trucks) in the most efficient ways possible, both in terms of time and cost.

This is similar to how new car sales lots will release a brand new make to gauge the public’s reaction to the vehicle and determine how well demand is going to be for the product.

…However, Waiting Can Sometimes Yield Massive Savings

Nevertheless, every once in a while, waiting until the very last minute to reserve your spot with a closed truck vehicle transporter can land you some of the most insane savings imaginable for this kind of service. While this “trick” is nowhere near consistent enough to have any kind of science behind it, the cash saved when this occurs can be remarkably substantial when contrasted to the price of saving your spot only a week or two earlier. As you might be able to tell from the way it was just described, there is no real way to measure whether or not waiting until the last possible minute to relocate a vehicle is really going to save you money. Nevertheless, sometimes people luck out and nab ridiculously cheap car shipping because haulers, when pressed for time, may end up just looking to make sure that their trucks are at full capacity before beginning a cross-country haul.

Be Flexible With Your Schedule

One of the quickest ways to end up paying more for enclosed car hauler services is to want your vehicle picked up and delivered during an extremely specific time frame. This specificity means that haulers might attempt to completely redo their scheduling to help a client meet his or her moving goals, and that can end up costing the customer a substantial amount of cash.

While you could play the odds and try saving money by waiting until the last minute to hire an enclosed car hauler company, your best bet is to reserve a spot as early as possible in your moving process and give haulers as large of a window as possible to complete the delivery.

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