If you’re moving a long distance, shipping your car makes sense. You’ll find that whether you’re moving from Chicago to New York City or from Atlanta to Dallas/Fort Worth, car shippers are vital service providers. However, they can also be expensive and for those on a strict budget, they can seem out of reach. That doesn’t have to be the case. There are several ways that you can reduce car shipping rates and still ensure that you get your vehicle shipped from your old home to your new one.

Ship during the Off Season

Like all other businesses, auto shipping companies have busy times and slow times. The busiest times for these companies coincide with the periods during the year when most people move – spring and summer. When their services are in high demand and space on trailers is limited, you can expect car shipping rates to be higher. If you’re able to, consider moving during the off season – during fall or winter. There is considerably less demand for shipping services during these times and you’ll find that shippers are much more willing to offer discounts.

Use Open Carriers

When you start shopping around and comparing car shipping rates from CalCruising, you’ll find that the cost of using an enclosed carrier is much more than using an open carrier. That should tip you off – if you want to save money, go for the open carrier. While enclosed shipping does help protect your vehicle from dust, dirt, debris and the like, the average consumer vehicle doesn’t really need this protection. You can save a bundle just by opting for open shipping.

Insure Yourself

The auto transport company you hire is going to quote you insurance along with your car shipping rates. Don’t take them up on it, and insist that they take it out if it’s included. You can get your own insurance much cheaper. In fact, you might already have coverage through your auto insurance policy. If you don’t, your insurance agent can add it very easily (and very affordably).

These few tips will help ensure that you get car shipping rates you can afford from a selection of different shippers. Once you have several quotes, you can begin the comparison process and choose a shipping company that works for your budget and your shipping needs. Shop around and never overpay for vehicle shipping.