Car shipping companies are everywhere these days it seems. A quick search on Google will yield thousands of results – far too many for anyone to search through. Where does that leave you if you’re in need of vehicle shipping? The key is knowing what qualities to look for in a decent auto shipper, as well as what services are vital to see in any service provider. Here are four essential tips for those in need of car shipping, whether you’re shipping your car to New York, New York or Dallas, Texas.

Does the Company Offer Overseas Transport?

While most consumers are going to need ground transport, some need to get their vehicle to an overseas location. For instance, let’s say you’re being relocated to Hawaii. Other than being able to live in paradise, you’ll need to find a way to move your car to your new home – that means shipping via water. Make sure that the company you’re considering offers boat/marine transport solutions for overseas shipping.

Does the Company Offer Enclosed Shipping?

When it comes to vehicle shipping, the most common need is for an open carrier. This is an ideal solution for most consumer cars, trucks and minivans. However, it’s not right for all of them. If you have a high-end sports car, a luxury car or a vintage vehicle, you’ll want to provide that vehicle with more protection than what’s available with basic open carriers – you’ll want enclosed shipping solutions. Make sure that the company you choose offers enclosed carriers.

Does the Company Explain Pricing and Policies?

Working with a car shipping company should not be like going to your local big box store for groceries and supplies. Car shipping is a specialized process and you need to know exactly what’s going on in terms of pricing and how the company operates. Make sure that a representative sits down with you and explains their prices and policies so you have a clear picture of the situation.

Does the Company Offer Extras?

While extra services will increase your bill, they can also add value. Check out what extra services the company might offer. These can include door-to-door shipping, vehicle storage, washing and cleaning and quite a bit more. Choose only those that offer value, though, rather than going “whole hog”, particularly if you’re on a budget.

As you can see, there are important things to know before choosing a car shipping company.