Ah, the age old question of planning. There is a short and a long answer to this question of when to schedule your car to be shipped. The short answer, as with most things, is as soon as you know that you will need to ship the vehicle. The further in advance you schedule your auto transport, the better the shipping rates you will be able to find with an auto transport company. If you are flexible on the dates, that is even better. The caveat here is that you can sometimes score a killer deal when you schedule the transport last minute, as car shipping companies would much prefer to have a full truck and if your vehicle is the one that fills the truck and can dispatch the transporter on its way, you may have some leverage in the shipping rate you can negotiate.
Auto Transport Cargo loaded up
We’ve touched on some of the things that are part of the “long answer”, but essentially, flexibility and time give you the ability to shop around for the lowest rates and get vehicle shipping quotes from multiple transport companies. The transporters also need to work out their best route, so some may be able to quote you a lower price depending on your location and flexibility with dates.

With our convenient vehicle shipping rates calculator, you will be able to obtain multiple quotes to ship your vehicle. You can specify which day or date range you can ship your car (start with today!), and with that, you will be able to easily do your homework and select the best car shipping company for you and your vehicle.