The numerous choices that come after getting your free online car shipping quotes will each make a big difference on the level of service you will receive. However, the most important decision you will make when going through all the options available is whether you choose enclosed vehicle transport services or an open-truck carrier.

Just to clarify, open trucks are the semis that have two layers in the cargo hold and everything is open to the weather and are completely visible. On the other hand, enclosed trucks thoroughly hide the vehicles being hauled and offer protection from nature -like blizzards and bird droppings- and people -like vandals and thieves. While the chance of damage happening to a vehicle during the shipping process are extremely rare, the enclosed car hauler benefits are incredibly important when shipping certain vehicles.

Classic, antique, luxury, high-power and any otherwise beloved vehicles should be transported via enclosed auto shipping carriers. While this is by no means a jab against open-truck shipping (the majority of car hauling is via open-air trucks), the security that comes with closed trucks will not only help protect your valuable asset during the moving process, but it also means that you will have a much more sound peace of mind while the auto is being shipped.

Just like you would not ship a valuable piece of heirloom jewelry in an unpadded, standard envelope through the regular mail, it is not recommended to ship an expensive or collectable car in a manner that could leave it vulnerable in any way shape or form. You would send the jewelry in, at the very minimum, a padded envelope, if not a tough small box with additional padding that would prevent the piece from moving, so why would you choose to not do the same for your four-wheeled investment?

It should be noted that no matter what kind of auto carrier you decide to go with, you should make sure to let the carrier know of any possible modifications that have been made to the vehicle, especially external and aesthetic changes. This will help the driver of the truck ensure that he or she has the proper equipment needed to haul your vehicle, no matter if you are just looking to make a splash at a local car show or are relocating an entire family across the United States or overseas.

Likewise, the sooner you act when ordering car shipping services, the more you can save on the cost of having your auto hauled. That being the case, if you know you have a big move coming up, you should get your free quote as soon as possible and make sure you do not have to pay the extra costs associated with waiting until the last minute. This is doubly true for those looking at the benefits of enclosed car hauling since it is already the more expensive of the two types of vehicle transport.

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